We have all been at an unwanted or unhealthy weight at some time.

To get control of our weight we need to realize that we probably have some eating habits that need to be, and can be, corrected.  At the most basic level, our weight problems stem from our food choices.

In the end, all successful weight control programs come down to:

  1. better food choices
  2. smaller portion sizes.

Although exercise is important to weight control and good health, we lose more weight by what we do in the kitchen than what we do in the gym.  It is much easier to not eat something than to try to burn it off.  The best exercise for weight loss is the “push-away” …push yourself away from the dining table.

            Weight loss principles:

                       Reduce carbs:  Bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes are our biggest enemies.

Move away from animal protein

Eat more of a plant-based diet.  Start with having one meat free meal a week

Drink lots of water.  Avoid sugar enriched drinks, juices and alcohol


  • Think! Look out for Calorie Traps in cereals and muffins
    • Corn muffins can be 300-600 calories, while an English muffin is a better choice at 140 calories
  • Limit yourself to one serving only
  • Juice: BASICALLY LIQUID SUGAR.  Better to eat the fruit for fiber and drink water
  • Pancakes/Waffles with syrup. Save for special occasions.
  • Coffee: avoid calorie add ons such as sweeteners
  • Avoid breakfast meats, potatoes & hash
  • Breakfast bars: caution they can be very high in calories, make sure you read the label
  • Water: Add one glass every morning
  • Breakfast cocktails: Avoid


Stop Middle Age/Menopausal Belly Fat

  • Change Diet: Find out how many calories needed for your body size and activity level
    • Watch portion size
    • Base meals on lean proteins (fish & chicken), complex carbs (vegs, fruits & grains), & good fats (olive oil)
  • Add Fiber: Vegetables, fruits, and grains
  • Avoid Sugar: sweets and sugar-sweetened drinks only add more calories to your daily intake
  • Get more sleep: even an extra hour helps reduce weight
  • Reduce stress
  • Get active: go for a walk, bike ride, or even turn on some music and dance for 20 minutes
  • Exercise to build strength and endurance


  • Best to bring your lunch to work
    • Take out or ordering in is usually calorie and fat-rich
    • Saves money too
  • Avoid Deli meats: they can be high in fat, calories, and sodium
  • Avoid sandwich bread
  • Walk for part of your lunch hour
  • Meal Prep for the week:  plan, prep, and prepare for the entire week so you are prepared and don’t make last-minute unhealthy lunch decisions


  • Avoid second helpings
  • Use smaller plates to give the impression of bigger portions
  • Avoid bread with dinner
  • Be careful with desserts, treat yourself once a week

After Dinner Snacking

  • Be Careful, snacks can sabotage your whole day of good effort
  • Make healthier choices
  • Limit portions
    • Use small bowls
    • Do not eat out of the package

Should you have questions or need guidance on how to eat healthier, contact your IMA provider who is here to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

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