Nurse Practitioner

Job Description: 

For a Mid-Level Provider that provides comprehensive care to patients based on the functions and duties as outlined in the Practice Agreement/Protocols contract.  Provides appropriate follow-up with patient/family, private physician and/or other resources.  Initiates patient care plans, including medical and pharmacological management as needed, as identified in the NP Scope of Practice.  Participates in research and incorporates its findings into practice.  Provide and/or serve as resource for patient/family and staff education.  The licensed caregiver includes family/caregiver in patient care and provides effective education appropriate for the learning needs of patient and family.


A Licensed Nurse Practioner or Practice Assistant.  A BS in Nursing and a Master’s Degree along with 5+ working in a fast pace physician practice, emergency room or an urgent care center.


The individual must have experience working in a paperless automated EHR system and office.  Preferably a NJ resident who is already enrolled with all the major managed care providers and CMS.

To Apply:

Please email Resume and Cover Letter to