Urgent Care in Middletown NJ at IMA

IMA Middletown Urgent Care

Many of us have experienced the frustration of waiting for hours at the Emergency Room to deal with a medical issue like a sprained ankle or other minor emergencies. Thanks to Integrated Medicine Alliance, Middletown residents and people from surrounding areas can skip the lines and get the care they need quickly and efficiently, no appointment necessary. IMA Medical Care — Middletown offers urgent care in Middletown NJ and an alternative to the hospital emergency room for minor emergencies, as well as acute and chronic illnesses.

Open seven days a week with nighttime hours on weekdays, IMA Medical Care offers convenient urgent care services when families need them most. Medical records are shared electronically with other IMA practices, so if you are a primary care patient of an IMA provider all information will be shared instantly and seamlessly. The offices are staffed by fully accredited MDs as well as Nurse Practitioners and are equipped to deal with many medical issues.

IMA Urgent Care facilities offer the best of both worlds – the immediacy of hospital emergency rooms without the long wait times, the expertise of real doctors without the need for an appointment, the convenience of urgent care with the IMA knowledge and experience. If you live in or near Middletown and have a medical issue come in today and get the help you need.

Learn more about urgent care in Middletown NJ at IMA Medical Care – Middletown by visiting its provider page.