Press Release: Integrated Medical Alliance Selects Emmi Solutions as Their Shared Decision Making and Self-Management Solution

Integrated Medicine Alliance Monmouth County NJ

Integrated Medicine Alliance, Monmouth County’s leader in health and wellness care, has selected Emmi Solutions, a leader in outcomes-driven patient engagement, as their partner to provide programs that enable patients to better understand their medical condition and determine the care pathway that’s right for them.

Emmi Solutions’ suite of web-based, multimedia programs provides reliable, repeatable, actionable information to patients to support clinical conversations between providers and patients. Emmi®  programs utilize simple language and compelling visuals to make sense of complex medical information and help patients manage their chronic health conditions. Select programs act as decision aids and are specially designed to support Shared Decision Making by asking about preferences, capturing goals, explaining risks and benefits associated with treatment options. The interactive programs can be shared with family and friends, guiding individuals to have meaningful conversations about treatment with all involved in the process.

“As one of New Jersey’s largest participating practices in patient centered care initiatives, we’re always looking for new ways to revolutionize how we deliver health care with better patient outcomes and greater efficiency in mind,” said IMA Chief Executive Officer Bill Febus. “Patients should be empowered to make their own healthcare decisions and these programs help them to do so by providing accurate information when and how they want it.”

“These types of solutions are essential to Integrated Medicine Alliance as we continue to grow and look to offer our patients exemplary care,” said Dr. Jan Glowacki, a founding partner of Integrated Medicine Alliance. “Emmi Solutions will help support our ongoing efforts to transform primary care here in Monmouth County.”